Dell Farm is a member of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association and follows their Code of Practice for trees grown to the best environmental and sustainable practice

All seed used for the cultivation of British Christmas Trees will be selected from seed sources which are sustainable and do not present any threat to endangered species. Growers will have available from seed suppliers or nurseries a certificate to that effect.

The area of land used for the cultivation of Christmas Trees will have been subjected to a survey on environmental; ecological or archaeological impact. The grower will have taken action to alleviate or minimise any damage as a result of his actions.

The growing of trees will be done in accordance with the best practice indicated by research in this country and overseas.

Such cultivation;
• will take account of on site and off site impacts;
• take measures to protect important special features;
• comply with all health and safety requirements, for both workers and the public;
• and include planning for accidents.

The cutting of Christmas trees is done in winter and has little or no effect on breeding or disturbance of wildlife. Trees will be harvested and handled to ensure maximum freshness for the purchaser.

All Growers of British Christmas Trees will have available written advice to buyers on methods of ensuring survival of the tree for as along as possible. Trees after use are recyclable and there is no energy use or pollution in the growing of the tree.

There will be available for inspection a record of the source and ownership chain for the tree.